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 Sariel Ragnarok

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Sariel Ragnarok


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PostSubject: Sariel Ragnarok   Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:05 am

Name: Sariel Ragnarok
Age: Physically 17
Class: Vampire
Blood: Full Blood

Mother: Apochrypa Ragnarok
Father: Unknown

Single: X

Hair: Silvery white
Eyes: Purple (but black when hungry)
Height: 5'6"
Build: Slim and petite
Cloths: Black and red corsets and petticoats
Skin: Pale
Personality: Usually level-headed and good tempered, patient and caring.

Your good points: Is not as bloodthirsty as many vampires.
Your bad Points: Is not as caring towards other races as she is towards vampires.
Likes: Blood, darkness, hunting, taking care of fellow vampires, to looks beautiful.
Fears: Death, being attacked, being alone and unloved.

Where do you call Home: Anywhere and nowhere

Character History: Sariel was born during a time of great trouble for the vampires. They were beginning to attack their own race, as the other races were becoming more aware of their hunting grounds and so there was less blood for the packs. Consequently, there was a great deal of hurried breeding to stop the clans dying out. Sariel was one of the children born at this time. Her mother does not know who Sariel's father was. Because she was brought up by her mother alone, she has always been very feminine and passive compared to most vampires, and also very mature for her age. She cares deeply about her own appearance, but only because she has a romantic nature and has always believed in love at first sight. Her mother died three years ago in an hunting accident. Sariel held her hand as she died. Since then, she has become interested in medicine and caring for injured vampires.
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Christabelle Whittle

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PostSubject: Re: Sariel Ragnarok   Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:08 am


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Sariel Ragnarok
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