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PostSubject: Libitina   Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:58 pm

Name: Libitina
Age: 13
Class: unknown
Blood: (none)

Mother (step): unknown
Father (step): unknown
Brother(s): unknown

Married: no
Divorced: no
Dating: no
Single: yes
Crush: yes
Work: murder

Hair: silver
Eyes: soft blue
Height: 4' 10''
Build: althletic, short
Cloths: toren black gown, black full neck choker
Wings: Long Black feathered; span of 5'7''
Skin: pale
Nationality: angel
Personality: serious

Your good points: smart, strong, kind
Your bad Points: shy, merciless
Likes: animals, earth, neatherworldly things
Fears: life

Where do you call Home: unknown

Character History: lived normally untill accident with lover who turned out to be some one of the black magics. Giving her the powers of, lets say, the grim reaper
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Christabelle Whittle

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PostSubject: Re: Libitina   Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:00 pm


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